I am often asked what elle & mel stands for. Well to make a long story short... elle is short for me, Elizabeth and mel is short for my mother, Melissa. We are a mother-daughter team who has over 40 years sewing experience between the two of us. 

My mother began sewing for the public in 1990. And I have two art degrees and a strong sense of design and general "cuteness". After seeing what the juvenile industry was charging for bedding and baby gifts, we decided to share our talents. So we started elle&mel in January of 2006. 

I was working in the Animation field as a computer animator at the time. The hours were long and physically demanding. I had no idea that my life road was about to take a turn. 

My husband and I desperately wanted a second child. However, I found out that the entire studio would be laid off. 

Shortly, after that, I found out that I was expecting my second child.  I found another job in the field, and experienced another lay off 6 months later. 

My mother had made the bedding 
for my first son, but I wanted to see
what was out there. In three years 
a lot can change...

And boy did it... mainly the prices
and the quality. I couldn't believe my

I have been truly blessed to have my
talented mother as a resource.
However, I am acutely aware
that not everyone is so lucky. 

So I want to help other mothers be 
able to get the bedding and nursery 
of their dreams. Call us. We can 
help... whether you decide to use our services or not, we are here to help.


Elizabeth Kruger
Owner and designer